NEXT TIME Publication, 2013
Designed and edited by David Geer and Isaac Pool

Produced in collaboration with Macie Gransion and envoy enterprises

Released in conjunction with the NEXT TIME Symposium, November 14th - 17th, 2013

Symposium curators: Caroline Contillo, Colin Self, David Geer, Isaac Pool, Jessie Probus, Max Steele

Foreward by Colin Self

Essays by:
Caroline Contillo
Brian Droitcour
Johanna Fateman
David Geer
Charlotte Perkins Gilwoman and Jessi Probus
Gordon Hall, Elizabeth Orr, and Kristin Poor
K8 Hardy
Jamillah James
Ratty St. John
Bradford Nordeen
Isaac Pool
Max Steele

Artwork by:

Marie Karlberg
Sam McKinniss
Crystal Palmer
Debbie Pool
Jessica Posner

76 pages, full color
$10 (includes domestic shipping)